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case studies

Brand Strategy

brand strategy

  • Invent: Define your brand's identity and purpos

  • Revitalize: Refresh and update established brands.

  • Optimize: Fine-tune brand portfolios and structures.

  • Consult: Enhance your corporate brand's reputation.

Case Study: Xbox Brand Evolution

Objective: Transition Xbox to a mainstream brand by unifying the branding approach across 26 diverse EMEA countries during the Xbox 360 launch.

Approach: Established cohesive Mission, Brand, and Principles. Implemented an integrated model involving Business Groups, Advertising, Media, PR, Experiential, Social, CRM, and Retail to launch Xbox 360 and promote 20+ AAA games.

Outcome: Achieved the most successful console launch in history, increasing brand/game/social credibility by 74%. The 'Jump In' brand positioning, conceived during this period, remains influential today.

New Business


  • Innovate: Craft revenue models that tap into current customer behaviors and technology.

  • Strategy: Develop go-to-market models aligned with modern trends, and grounded in scalable economics and operations.

Case Study: One Samsung


Objective: Address the decline in Tablets/PCs due to perceived limitations in specs and value.

Approach: Leveraged data insights to shift the narrative towards the benefits of multi-device cord cutting and productivity. This shift enhanced the perception of mobile computing and integrated it with Samsung's broader TV + Phone messaging.

Outcome: Achieved a boost in brand affinity, resulting in an increase in product listings and a sales volume surge of +25%.

Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy

  • Craft: Design marketing strategies that unify multi-stakeholder messages.

  • Integrate: Employ tactics seamlessly across channels.

  • Leverage: Harness data and marketing tech for quicker impact.

  • Optimize: Aim for improved ROIs with every strategy.

Case Study: Reigniting Monopoly


Objective: Address Hasbro games division's 5-year decline due to gaps in brand impact, emotional engagement, and digital connectivity.

Approach: Launched the Facebook Monopoly Token Vote, allowing global users to vote out an original token and introduce a new one, fostering emotional urgency, social involvement, and digital integration.

Outcome: The campaign garnered over 2.5 billion impressions across 112 countries, revitalizing the emotional connection with the game. The subsequent online/physical ecosystem strategy resulted in a sustained growth of +30%, reaching $420M.

Growth Stragey


  • Discover: Find new avenues for top and bottom line growth.

  • Innovate: Elevate through brand and business innovation.

  • Transform: Enhance your marketing approach.

  • Expand: Strategies for market entry and product/service design.

Case Study: Digital Transformation of Hasbro Games

Objective: Overcome the issue of direct ports of Hasbro games not resonating with gamers and address competitors like Zynga infringing on IP.

Approach: Collaborated with EA to develop multiple apps that fused the core elements of Monopoly, Game of Life, and Scrabble with established mobile game design principles to enhance Revenue, Awareness, and Value.

Outcome: Delivered 10 of the top family apps on the Apple Store, generating over $10M in revenue, and established a robust CRM engine, further empowered by the digital enthusiasts from the Monopoly Vote.

Hasbro Online Games


  • Plan: Chart the path to acquire essential skills for disrupted markets.

  • Decide: Opt to make, buy, or borrow as per needs.

  • Align: Sync the new marketing organization with enterprise goals

Case Study: Unifying Xfinity Divisions

Objective: Address competition and overlap among Xfinity's diverse divisions including WiFi, Cable, Home, Business, and Mobile.

Approach: Leveraged media as the binding factor among divisions and spearheaded marketing integration across Brand, Creative, Social, Digital, and Retail segments. This led to the formation of a unified Xfinity brand positioning.

Outcome: With optimized budgets, emphasis was given to pivotal brand events like Christmas, Oscars, Superbowl, etc. The cost efficiencies paved the way for the successful Xfinity Mobile launch, resulting in sales surpassing $1B.

Partnership Strategy

partnership STRATEGY

identifying and securing brand partnerships that align seamlessly with goals, creating exponential value and marketing strength.

CASE STUDY: Xbox + Samsung 

Objective : Establish the Samsung Gaming Hub on all new Samsung TVs, despite lacking gaming credibility.

Approach: Developed a unified narrative for the inaugural year, leveraging combined marketing strategies to:

  • Emphasized "Play Xbox Without a Console".

  • Promoted hands-on experience through "Seeing is Believing".

  • Enhanced credibility with the Xbox community by updating all 2021 TVs

Outcome: Achieved leadership in Xbox Cloud Gaming, amassed over 1 billion impressions, and enhanced Samsung's gaming credibility by 25%.

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